Is Vintage Fashion Over?

How do we know the trend? One way to keep updated on trends is the large number of fashion shows that keep happening every season. Another way is to go by what celebrities wear as they are the first ones to try out all the designer clothing from various designers. Also there are dozens of fashion related magazines which you can pick up from a local store itself.

Adding a vintage piece or two to your existing wardrobe is a great way to have a little fun with your fashion. Vintage Fashion is one of the hundreds of things associated with this site. If you are not the bold and colorful type try starting you Vintage Fashion expedition with a few simple accessories. A charming vintage pair of earring can completely change the look of an entire outfit. Most vintage earring are clip ons, so if you don’t even have to get your ears pierced! So, the next time you are out clothes shopping, take a look at one of these great local vintage clothing stores in Reno, Nevada.

This is a truly amazing choice of place to buy retro clothes and accessories especially if you have limited budget. Bear in mind the saying that goes “One man’s forgotten trash could be your treasure.” Here you will certainly find those slim neckties, hats and boots that actually belong to a person who happened to be a Retro Fashion addict during the 50’s. Now isn’t that a great deal or what?

One classically vintage look is using the scarf as a headband. Curl hair of any length with hot rollers or a curling iron, use hairspray to hold, and fluff to make it full. Use the scarf as a headband, placing it around your head and tying it into a bow or knot under hair. summer concert fashion of the full hair separated from the face by a lovely scarf is truly stunning, and the excess scarf hanging down in back or over the shoulder creates a look that is subtle, but different.

fashion film is also currently having a sale on St. John items and denim, summery basics that are always useful. More exciting, however, is the arrival of new vintage couture for spring and summer. Barbara Nell, Daisy Shop’s owner, sent out a comprehensive list, which is stunning.

Try not to amass quantity. Go for a smaller collection of more expensive, high end pieces as these are more likely to hold and increase in value than the lower end.

9) If you are looking for true blue vintage, there are several ways to identify it. Look at that tag. If SOUTH AFRICAN FASHION WEEK ‘s a recognizable brand, is the logo current? I’ve found some really neat vintage Gap before, for instance. Chances are you won’t recognize the brand, but you might be able to find a date on the back of the tag if you’re lucky. If you have an iPhone, this might be a good time to do some Google searching to identify a brand.

Highlights would have to include: the King James II wedding suit of 1673; the Duke of Windsor’s wardrobe (including his wedding suit): Princess Lilian of Belgium’s couture wardrobe from the ’50s and ’60s (divine Diors and Balenciagas!); Audrey Hepburn’s little black dresses by Givenchy.