Tie neck shirt -1940′s and 1970′s fashion is making its great comeback!

tie neck shirt zara guess london


Greetings from London's Hoxton! As it's my last year living in that magical city  I decided to explore more of those 'hipster' places that are still unknown by the tourists (I've got a feeling that it's going to change very soon). So that place is a cool canal between Stroke Newington and Hoxton. We took a walk alongside the canal and I simply felt in love with those edgy little coffee shops/bars and something in a shape of a restaurant which are more of a small garages filled with tables , counter and a coffee machine obviously. ! Little Camden Town but without the crowds and more magical!

Today's mood is elegant. One of the best sophisticated features from the 1940's and 1970's is back! I first spotted them(tie neck shirts obviously) in H&M not that long  before the summer (their May capsule collection if I'm not mistaking) but they are here to  stay for a while now! The good news is that , according to WGSN(trend prediction website) historical trends , mostly Second World War fashion , are one of the most influential inspiration for  next seasons(A/W16 for example). As a great enthusiast of history  I know that the tie neck shirts/dresses were worn by very chic and sophisticated ladies. I absolutely adore that fashion feature paired with the wide leg trousers or pleated skirt. It is like time traveling as there is nothing more feminine than the chicness straight from the forties. As for the colour trends - navy is back! There was a lot of navy garments on the catwalk in February and ,I promise you , there is still more to be seen in ZARA in the nearest future. I am planning to gather the whole collection of them.

Great news- you can now shop similar look (and much more) on Lookastick !

Pictures by Mariusz Gajdzik Photography

I was wearing : Zara  tie neck shirt , made by me leggings , Guess bag 

Another vintage inspired outfit



I'm back to the capital of fashion for my last 7 months before I'll finish my Bachelor studies and move to another amazing city which will probably be Berlin. I really appreciate the fact that I can coordinate my course with what I am actually doing in my spare time and at work. I can do my visual research /take photographs/ explore the city and prepare new articles at the same time. I am planning to get more ideas and inspiration this autumn not only to gain my personal goals but  to avoid being depressed in the autumn( although , the weather is unexpectedly good this October reaching up to 21 degree -today for example). We decided to head to the majestic South Bank to take some nice and 'Londony' photographs for today's post.

My recent inspiration was the pin up culture and vintage fashion combined with Paris street style. High-waisted mid-length  skirt is a must-have this autumn and the next season as you were able to see during the past fashion month , at the shows such as Michael Kors and Diane von Furstenberg S/S15. I am on my way to gather the whole new collection of hats . The best destinations to do it is Top Shop or vintage shops offering the whole variety of colours , mostly burghundy , grey , camel and plum. Literally any type of hat is going to be in this season as most of the current trends are  inspired by the past decades beginning from the 20's and it's not a secret that women were admiring hats.


Pictures by : Mariusz Gajdzik Photography 


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Black bralette worn-to-be-seen



Let me apologise for the longest absence ever since I started but I have had to sort out my priorities such as my soon-to-be-released article for Fashion Model Directory. I am very excited to write about fashion and reseraching stuff that catches my attention. I am also going back to London this week which means a lot of  student businesses to be done. My blog just had to wait to be updated.

I named today's outfit after that special day as it is the last day of  summer! That wonderful time of the year is going to be a beautiful memory in 8 hours...It is said to be the warmest summer   in the Central/Eastern Europe ,where I have spend the last 4 months, in the past 130 years.

My recent  favourite part of the past summer trends is the worn-to-be-seen bralette. It's an amazing piece of clothing or accessory that you can combine with loads of styles and outfits and it will look incredibly stylish! I got myself the black one as I think it will be timeless and would match most of the tops that I want to wear it with. The good news is that it will be on the hottest trends list next summer as I've spotted it on the current fashion month's shows , for example Diesel Black Gold show in New York S/S15. Black skinnies and the white shirt are always  the safest and stylish-as-gell option for many occasions. It is definitely worth to invest loads of money in one good quality shift (I'd recommend the lightweight fabric). I also went for my new ankle boots , timeless Hugo Boss bag and carmel leather jacket. That colour is easy and nice to play with and looks great with the white shirt.

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Blogger Bazaar Berlin 2014

bloggers bazaar berlin


Blogger Bazaar in the capital of Germany last Sat was amazing. Berlin  just  got promoted for  'the most friendly  European fashion capital'. There is no doubt that London has a lot more to offer (in terms of fashion opportunities) but there is not much more to  be done  for the young graduates and  beginners in the field of fashion (that includes fashion design , photography , styling ). Despite the fact that the city claims to patronize young newcomers it unfortunately feels like they,fashion VIPS, have already developed their own aesthetics , style and very strict rules . I am not trying to criticize London's fashion scene - it's just having worked in both cities made me settle up my opinion and future plans. London is great , amazing and definitely very fashionable but there is still a lot to add to Berlin's fashion market. My interpretation is that in the Central/Eastern Europe , because of communism and the rules of USSR  , fashion did't really existed until 1989. Or actually existed but never played a strategic role for like 80% of people. Fashion in those countries is still  left in the background but people like us - young fashion graduates , fashion bloggers and designers are here to change it!

I am in love with 'Berlin style'. It's a mixture of hipster , punk , glam with a hint of everything. Blogger Bazaar Station Berlin 2014 was organised for fashion victims not only to shop their fav items but to meet with each other , have some cocktails and simply take more inspiration from one another. The outfits were great , the crew was the nicest and the goodies for the bloggers were  cute and well considered!

My outfit was inspired by the glam rock and two decades - 70's and 80's. The framed Adidas sunnies were very popular in the 80's and the lace is considered to be one of the symbols of the 70's in England(Glam rock and David Bowie).Lace is going to be present on loads of garms and accessories this season. I combined it with a white blazer and red heels to add a hint of sophistication and unfortunately needed to wear the black tights as the beautiful summer I was mumbling about  decided to step up very suddenly last week.


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Why wear white in the summer and black in the winter?

wear black or white


The beautiful summer slowly comes to an end leaving us with the average of 20 degree and the last bits of sun. It's time to start re-arranging the summer wardrobe and replace crop tops with long-sleeve tees , shorts with skinny jeans and so on. The(almost) past season's trends were adorable ! White pieces with a hint of everything - from fruit prints to 90's inspired  oversized garms. They will surely be ready to be used next year but they ,the way I see it, should be put back in the closet for the time period between October and April . Why do we actually wear white in the summer? Well, not because it's the colour of innocence( it actually might have a little bit of an impact on it too). We wear white thanks to the most influential fashion designers  who choose that particular colour every S/S season for a very good reason - it reflects wavelengths of light rather than absorbing them . It not only looks much better in Vogue editorials but ,as it reflects the heat , it also helps to keep the human body cool. Black  ,on the other hand , absorbs the heat keeping us warm in the winter.And the current A/W  black trends are beautiful and sophisticated! The major trend which will be present on all hipster beanies and tees is called 'black is the new black'.

I've got a feeling that this is one of my last white outfits this summer. I chose the white long-sleeve dress and combined it with  black  and white accessories as I wanted to create a very simple look and expose the assymetric hem which was meant to be the main accent. If there is something that will never ever go unfashionable or boring it's the black and white combo. Also- the lack of accessories and simplicity makes the look very girly, delicate and innocent which looks great around the beautiful area of Potsdamm's castle and parks. The capital of Brandenburg is definitely the place to be!

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