Kate Middleton effect



Happy New Year 2015 at first.

Today , I really feel the need to write about Kate Middleton's effect that I've observed since I've moved to the UK. That beautiful woman's face is not only all over the internet but  on the telly , newspapers ,not to mention about Vogue , Harper's Bazaar or whatsoever. I can perfectly understand it - she pictures the modern Cinderella  story , she is now royal  and her sense of style and fashion are perfect. It seems that we owe her a lot this winter. What? We are now allowed to wear the black tights that we all adore so much(come and show me one thing that could make your legs so much slimmer than them!). Kate has been wearing them during her  recent events in New York and it is now considered to be the most covetable fashion trend! The British Debenhams has discovered a 100% more sales on them ever since she showed up  in NYC. I used to love and appreciate them but then I realised they are not very 'high-fashion' and they could only be worn in some certain situations - when it is really freakin windy ,when you run out of nude tights or when you want to  wear them with the winter boots or some kind of winter outfit- but even then  your outfit's score would only reach some 6ish in a 10 scale. The black tights trend was spotted on the catwalks of Balmain , Saint Laurent and Carolina Herrera for the A/W14/15

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High fashion for breakfast – Kellogg’s Fashion Flakes



You can now order high fashion for breakfast.Just when you  think you’d seen it all, fashion is here to surprise you one more time. Anya Hindmarch, an English accessories designer, decided to treat Paris her own way by designing the limited edition of KELLOGG’S cereal for the Paris fashion week in September. So the Fashion Flakes come with Tony the Tiger box with a quote ’Fashion is gr-r-reat’. They are on sale now in Anya Hindmarch store in Paris and Waitrose chain stores in Britain. The inspiration behind this design were nostalgic supermarkets, the childhood memories and business as apparently Tony the Tiger leather bag was one of her best-sellers. It does not surprise me at all as the internet is full of food inspired accessories and some parts of clothing.The positive and funny approach to fashion became a very strong trend thanks to the world class designers such as Jeremy Scott for Moschino and Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. The idea of getting a piece of high fashion for cheap and eat it for breakfast is meant to make people laugh, not to consider that as another way to just make money. This is probably one of the most affordable designer items ever made as you can get the box for just around 4 euros.

The cereal fashion goes further than that. The first cereal bar is going to be open in London's Hackney/Dalston area on the 10th of December. People are going to be able to order their fav cereals with any type of milk as they are aiming to provide all kinds of them. I put that on my 'to-do-before-I-die' list already. I also spotted loads of 'KALE' t-shirts on the streets of east London so I am expecting kale-shaped bags and accessories next season. Healthy foods combined with fashion is getting bigger and bigger.

House of Fraser S/S15

hof ss15


House of Fraser is a British department store group that was established in Glasgow,Scotland in 1849. Today , in 2014 it's the third largest group of department stores in the UK running over 60 stores spread across the country.Their offers vary from the most luxurious designer brands to more affordable high street fashion including Top Shop.

I was invited  to see the exclusive House of Fraser S/S15 collection preview on  London's Baker Street on Friday. If only I wasn't looking forward to Christmas (which also means  paying a visit to House of Fraser to get some presents soon) I would be spending all my money to get  those dreamy summer pieces already! From BIBA Gold  couture dresses to Michael Kors baby blue handbags - I absolutely adore every single piece.

The handbags and clutches vary from juicy orange/red to baby blue /pastel colour palettes but then there is also more elegant and chic capsule collection in black and white. The brands include BIBA , Michael Kors , Love Moschino , DKNY  , Orla Kiely but it's Lulu Guinness 'Helena face' clutch that I have fallen in love with! Another very unique piece that I really like is 'The Headphones' clutch (Lulu Guineness) that is probably the most interesting accessory I've seen - I put that on my summer shopping list straight away and I suggest you do the same before they go out-of-stock.

PRINTS! Although the  mood of the House of Fraser S/S collection is a bit toned down  I discovered some inspiring colorful printed pieces such as Therapy orange dress , Dicking&Jones sunflower prints and Michael Kors bamboo printed jumpsuit. I am happy to announce the comeback of cobalt - a sophisticated set from Mary Portas would do the job in the S/S 15 season.Other than that I also spotted cut outs ( Label Lab embellished sweater is so chic!) , laser cut and embellishment. Beautifully tailored Biba Gold couture pieces were proudly presented on the display and I am sure they are going to be the hottest of the season.

Menswear collection is kept in greyish-blue mood and features suits and trousers from Ted Baker , Kenneth Cole and more casual pieces from Michael Kors , Anerkjendt or Linea. I really like the look book they presented - smart but colorful with humor.Jeans and palm tree prints are a very strong trend for the S/S15 season.

Keep your eyes open on Black Friday(28/11) and  Cyber Monday (01/12) as there are some great offers going on in House of Fraser!

Shop here !

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Bloggers Love Hub event in London

Bloggers Love Hub


Bloggers Love Hub organized an amazing event in London past Monday. They invited  fashion bloggers based in London and surrounded areas to have a closer look at some of the new designer pieces and have a little chat about what they are doing. The event took place in one of the most beautiful places in London - Chancery Lane in the center of the city. The event was clearly organised for the networking purposes but it all seemed to be working just fine. Bloggers had the chance to discuss new ideas and designers had their chance to introduce new products that included 'MADE OF CARPETS' bags and accessories which I found quite unusual - definitely the best way for the shy ones who don't like to play with their outfits and want to stand out of the crowd anyway.

On that occasion I put on my 1940's inspired outfit - very basic white shirt and red leather pencil skirt paired with style socks and heels. The socks are another shortcut to give a hint of vintage to anything you are wearing. White top + red bottoms style is one of the most important current features (to be seen in ZARA or H&M ) and the Second World War fashion is back for good.


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Sherene Melinda



SHERENE MELINDA is a new London-based handbag designer brand that prides itself on creating unique and distinctive styles. Inspired by her South African heritage, designer Sherene Robson’s current collection of bags all feature authentic and symbolic springbok hair-on-hide. Her handbags are intended to be versatile and practical, suitable for both work and play. The brand’s luxury, handcrafted handbags are finished with leather inside and out, come in a range of vibrant colours, and are made with the belief that every handbag should last a lifetime.

Two days ago they launched their latest style, the Haupt Bag, which comes with two detachable straps allowing for greater choice in how the bag is worn.






SHERENE MELINDA are currently holding a competition, due to end this Sunday (9th), to win one of their new handbags. All you need to do to enter is :

email shop@sherenemelinda.co.uk with the answer to the question: what is the name of our newest handbag?

Have a closer look <3