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Berlin Fashion Week is happening again. The fashion elite from all around the world has just come to Berlin to see the shows, to party, and to meet people of the same interests. Unfortunately, the Snapchat story of a fashion blogger you are planning to watch, goes up from the creepy northern district, Wedding (instead of the magnificent Brandenburger Tor area…).

Let’s get to the point – I attended the Fashion Blogger Cafe, one of the main Fashion Week events. The blogger events are organized in order to help the youngster to network with the brands and other bloggers. It is also a great way od advertising. For example – today the internet will find out about the new ECCO shoes line that is very feminine and fashionable. Or the Ives Rocher and their upcoming line of colorful eye shadows.


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The prettiest cars for Ladies / Najładniejsze auta dla kobiet

Today’s article is an effect of a collaboration between me and my second half, and we dedicate it to all the mid-twenties, who are currently hunting for a perfect (and quite affordable) car.

I was seeking for a perfect car last year, after my graduation. I am a female being, so I took two factors into consideration – its optic and fuel-efficient value. And I think I managed to actually enforce the first factor into life! However, with a little technical help of my boyfriend, I made it to the point and found a perfect match.

There is no doubt, that creating a ‘wish list’ is the best way to start the hunt, and it’s the most difficult step to do. I made a list of cars I was looking at, and which I think are suitable for ladies living in the big cites. It might appear quite obvious, but I hope it will inspire some of you. Continue reading


Shein Wishlist – off the shoulder trend / trend z odkrytymi ramionami

The tops go off the shoulder this summer. It’s a major trend taken from the catwalks of the most influential couture houses such as Chloe, Givenchy, Hugo Boss and Balenciaga. The silhouettes vary form the hippie inspired cuts, girly frills, motley pompons to the sexy lace and the bodycon. Off-the-shoulder is a great way to point your mojo out, and impacts more femininity than your red high heels do. Moreover, it’s safe to match them with the majority of bottoms. As for the styling- I tend to put a lot of attention into details, such as an interesting emroidery, sleeves and back adornments, so you are to find a lot of them in my SHEIN wishlist. A good news is that all the tops are available under 19$!

Odkryte ramiona to hit tegorocznego lata. To trend zainspirowany kolekcjami z wybiegów Chloe, Givenchy, Hugo Boss and Balenciaga. Odkryte ramiona to świetny sposób na dodanie sobie odrobiny seksapilu i kobiecości ( działają lepiej niż szpilki). Takie bluzki mają to do siebie, że pasują niemal do wszystkiego. Przygotowałam listę najfajniejszych modeli z Shein. Zawsze zwracam uwagę na detale typu haft, ciekawe rękawy, zdobienia z tyłu bluzki, więc takie też topy znajdziecie na mojej liście. Wszystkie bluzki są dostępne na SHEIN za mniej niż 19$! Continue reading


Przereklamowane miejsca na wakacje / Overrated holiday destinations

Tak sobie myślę, że o podróżach niemal zawsze pisze się w samych superlatywach. Tam tak pięknie, tam cudownie,  to miejsce warto zobaczyć. Podróże to ciekawe i inspirujące, ale nie zawsze przyjemne doświadczenia. Postanowiłam przygotować  listę miejsc, które moim zdaniem są przereklamowane. Byłam, zobaczyłam i się nie zachwyciłam.
Pamiętajcie – to jest moja osobista ocena, nie tekst dla biura podróży.

I have been thinking -  travelling has always been pictured as something really cool. ‘It was so beautiful there, it was such an amazing place, a place to be (…)’. Well, travelling is in fact a great experience, but it’s not always a pleasure. I made a list of places I think are overrated. I have been there, experienced and I just don’t think they are as worth visiting (as people think). Just to recap – it is my personal opinion, not a travelling agency advert.

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Timeless jewellry that every woman should own

There are a few jewellry pieces that every woman should own in her case. A few years ago I used to spend the majority of my income on clothes and jewellry I didn’t really need. Looking back, there are only a few items I still want to wear. I got rid of all those ‘sale bargains’ and have in fact forgotten about them. I have now learned to shop. Have you heard about the slow fashion? It is a newly emerged philosophy, that engages people to plan their shopping. The rule is quite simple – the quality over quantity.

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