One of the top costume designers – Patricia Field



That amazingly skilled lady is  the one who is responsible for Carrie Bradshaw and 'Sex and the City'. The movie and series are considered to be some sort of a fashion bible for every fashionista and Sarah Jessica Parker became our fashion guru ! I've heard some rumours that they are cracking on the third part of 'Sex and the city' but meanwhile Patricia Field ,the costume designer I mentioned ,transforms Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann into the most chic and stylish creatures on this planet! ' The Other Woman' premiere is  on THIS WEDNESDAY and I'm sure no fashion lover wants to miss it! Such an amazing source of inspiration! Thank you ,Patricia Field, for being you one more time.

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It might not be the latest fashion trend but elegance is always in!

black heels and green pants


White shirt , golden jewelry ,smart pants(cowl trousers in that case)  and   black heels (of course )are always the safest and best option for 'the last minute' dinner/meeting/work outfit. Cowls were one of the most recognizable trends a year ago(I designed and made cowls for my end of the year fashion project) but they seem to be back this year as well. Fashion tip - it's better to wear them with heels as they are are not the best friends of women's silhouettes.

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Vanessa Adeeko represents the new generation of British Designers





London used to be the most influential capital for fashion. People who are not necessarily related to fashion know John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney. Not to mention about one of the most important people within the fashion industry – Vivienne Westwood. The British capital has a lot to say but it has definitely gave its place to New York and Paris. People say that in London ‘(..) everything is possible, everything goes – but sadly there aren’t always the investors to support you(..)’. I personally think that there is a lot of passion and enthusiasm here – Thanks to Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion .

Recently I got offered an internship position where I met an incredibly talented and passionate designer, Vanessa Adeeko. Vanessa is a graduate from the London College of Fashion with a degree in Womenswear. After working in the industry for other brands like Ghrani Strok and Julian Macdonald she has launched her own independent label in September 2013, designing and making season-less designs.The title for her range is taken from her inspiration 'Aegle'.After looking through her library collection I noticed she has a lot of books on water spirits, mythology, surrealism and architecture.The range is based on fusing masculine and feminine lines as well as nature with architecture.Her sustainable view on timeless fashion represents the new generation of British fashion design! Vanessa opened a 'made to measure' pop up shop in New York’s Hudson library space during MB Fashion Week earlier this year, which appeared to be a great success, and will open a second pop up in London. Which I will get to be part of!Apart from collaborating with Arabian Oud last year on super cool candles, she was invited to a garden party by HRH Queen Elizabeth and was recently visited by HM Prince Charles at her studio. Through word of mouth Vanessa has gathered a group female fans from the UK and the Middle East who order her dresses and accessories for their events. The whole range of dresses, gowns and the most amazing shoes , I've seen (and touched) in my life!After her first popup in New York next she is opening a second pop up space in a heart of London’s Notting Hill in about two weeks, which she hopes will bring her even wider audience and admirers.Vanessa is offering one to one advises about style and talks about her designs. I am very proud to be a part of her team and will post everything new and inspiring in here.




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‘The Wizard of Oz’ inspired look



My second day in Lisbon-the weather was not the greatest but the views were breathtaking . Those pictures were taken in a random park that looked like a little jungle or nature reserve from far away. I think we've managed to see everything that  Lisbon has to offer in about two days and we already made plans on going back in the nearest future. Portuguese delicious food (they say they have the most delicious cod in the world) and even better wine make that little country one of the best holiday destinations!

My second outfit was inspired by 'The Wizard of Oz' and Dorothy's dress.  She wore those buffy sleeves and the most famous magic shoes in the world but I 've chosen  the sleeveless version of it and  the most comfortable Le Bunny Bleu flats with a bow detail. I've also added  my fav wide hat , large  Michael Kors  bag and necklace to avoid being 'too sweet' as it was not the vibe I was going for. I got that dress in London's vintage store after I saw an authentic Dorothy's outfit in the V&A Museum a year ago during 'Hollywood costumes' exhibition. I'm always taking a lot of inspiration from movies of every decade as studying fashion made me appreciate costume designers an the effort that they are putting in dressing up a character.

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